MC Resources. supply fit-for-purpose thermal acoustic products incorporating the properties of mineral, glass and metal fibres, applying the benefit of more than twenty-five years of experience in motive power silencing and associated applications. The Company's products deliver high levels of performance and durability in sports / racing vehicles, cars, trucks, locomotives, marine engines, gen-sets and air compressors.

MC Resources offers the motive power market:

  • Selection of component materials on the basis of their suitability to the particular working environment.
  • Maximum acoustic attenuation from the combination of fibrous stainless steel and GTB basalt for absorptive and absorptive-reactive silencers.
  • Optimum infill for resonators, based upon fibrous stainless steel and E-glass fibre.
  • A-glass monofilament fibre for maximum durability with resistance to wetting, condensates and combustion products in compressed air silencing and marine diesel applications.
  • Technical advice on specialist silencing applications.
Motive Power Silencing Motive Power Silencing