MC Resources Ltd's thermal acoustic materials provide silencing solutions for aircraft engine test cells and hush houses worldwide. With a portfolio of field experience extending over more than twenty-five years and supported by ongoing research and development, the Company's products and systems are a key factor in enabling strict operating specifications to be consistently achieved in all types of aviation test facilities.


  • Military test cells

    Application-specific pillow-based exhaust infill systems can be configured to cope with the following parameters:

    • Engine development testing
    • Extended re-heat operation
    • Vectored thrust
    • Water injection
  • Civil aviation test facilities

    Pillow-based infill systems for installation in all areas of the intake and the exhaust gas path can be configured to provide:

    • Enhanced absorption at low frequencies for large fan engine intake baffles.
    • Enhanced absorption at very low frequencies for large fan engine exhaust baffles.


  • The infill materials and systems supplied by the Company are approved by the major engine manufacturers and in respect of government and defence agency contracts with NATO, USAF, MOD (UK), etc.
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